Gold Rush

Summon (verb) to call upon for specified action

When Mr Coleridge built his little shack by the cave, he didn’t pause to think of the little demon lurking down below.

Four weeks of hacking, hammering, wood rot and nails later, he moved in next door with the missus and his lad Jim. Kind neighbour that the demon was, he left the missus a shiny present on the river bed as she smacked the dirty laundry against a rock. Kind of greedy that the missus was, she sent Mr Coleridge looking for more into the cave by his shack, as she fixed it up with a sign that said ‘Mine’.

It was Jim Coleridge’s big mouth that brought the taxmen up from town.

“Summon your family to leave, Sir,” they said, “you’re on government property.” They took the shiny presents as rent and watched Mr Coleridge leave with the sobbing missus and boxed-eared Jim just as the men with the pickaxes came. Into the cave they went as Mr Coleridge went to build a shack away from caves.


“Fools,” the demon cried with glee, “More fools to play with it!” He welcomed his guests with the bright light of his shiny rocks, as he slowly shut his door. Daylight wasn’t needed anymore. The fools had enough to last them a lifetime.