Creatures of the Night

Moving to the big city was the worst. Idea. Ever.

Charlie tossed and turned for the hundredth time, shoving his head under the pillow to make the noise go away. As if his day hadn’t been long enough. Eight coffee runs in the pouring rain was plenty to sour anybody’s mood, but life just had to throw stupid, scavenging rodents into the mix. He wished they’d go find some other back alley to upturn, he really wanted his sleep.

Another loud bang sounded through the window. Charlie swore silently under his breath. He hated this stupid city. It was cold, wet, filthy. He wrapped the blanket tighter round himself as another bang echoed from the alley.

He should’ve just gone to college like his mum wanted.


“Did he finally fall asleep?”

“Yeah. It took a while. Had to convince him that it wasn’t monsters feeding on little kids.”

“Ha! That kid can be real dumb.”

“It’s your fault for letting him watch that horror movie. He’s only five.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault we got raccoons in the alley.”

“We should’ve bought that apartment on 12th. No raccoons and had a good view too.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now go to sleep. There’s enough of a racket already.”

Lucy closed her eyes trying to ignore the slob beside her.

If only she’d married Greg instead.


Simon leaned back in his chair rubbing his eyes.

Starfire vs Batgirl discussions did tend to drag on for hours. It was only his grumbling stomach that reminded him he’d forgotten about dinner. He took off his headphones and went looking for a snack. He came back with a pack of crisps and another RedBull. He still had five episodes of Daredevil to go. It was going to be a long night. He put his headphones back on, completely ignoring the crash resounding from four floors below.


“Is it always this noisy in your neighborhood?” she mumbled as she snuggled further into him, trying to ignore a crash that suspiciously sounded like tumbling garbage cans.

“Raccoon problem,” he yawned, “go to sleep, Suzy.”


His snore was the only reply as another can fell.


Mrs Sanchez hummed to herself as she settled into bed and stirred her cup of tea. With spot of vanilla just like her mother, bless her soul, used to make it. She continued to hum as she slowly sipped on her tea while reading a book. Out of the corner of her eye she could see old Mr Sanchez grumbling. Probably about the rain, she figured, as he viciously waved his fist at the window. Or retired life, it was another one of his favorites. She finished her cup of tea and smiled contently. Nothing like her mother’s recipe to ensure a good night’s sleep. She leaned across to turn the light off. Mr Sanchez was still grumbling.

The hearing aid still lay on the table where she left it.


“I told yer, pest control’ll be ‘ere in the morning. Nobody’s gonna brave rain in the night to deal with a few rats!”

The landlord slammed the receiver down and trudged back to bed. The fifth call that night. He didn’t charge enough rent to put up with this. Pest control better come for those bloody ring tailed rodents tomorrow, or he’d pick up his old shotgun and deal with them himself.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when a trash can hit the side door. If it weren’t for the bloody rain he’d be out there right now. But it was pouring and there wasn’t a missus to look after him when he caught the flu.

His head had just touched the pillow when the phone rang again. He swore out loud but the phone brazenly rang on.

He needed another glass of whiskey.


Phyllis was having a good day. The weather had finally cleared, her hair looked good, nobody spilled coffee on her. Yep, definitely a good day. She’d just reached her seat when her phone rang.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“Hi, I got a call about some stray raccoon tearing up a back alley and I just got here to check it out and well…”

“Yes sir?”

“Well there’s six strange men lying here, and I’m not sure it was a rodent that tore them up.”


8 thoughts on “Creatures of the Night

  1. I really liked this. The different characters and viewpoints, the common thread of the raccoon…and the ending. Very nice. I do like a good “wham” ending. 🙂


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  3. Awesome, just awesome. This was a joy to read from start to finish. I loved all the wildly different sets of characters. They were all distinct and interesting. Love how you saved the best for last with that little twist I really hoped was coming. And then you delivered. Great work, and congrats on a well-deserved win!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey now, this one hit my fancy! I agree heartily with all the previous commenters (is that spelled right? or is it even a word?). I loved all the different characters and reactions, and very realistic dialogues, and of course the surprise at the end. You’ve definitely got IT!

    Liked by 1 person

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