Ghost of Cyclops Past

The big dark eye flashing at him was all he remembered.


He’d long forgotten the final run, the victory celebration and the last dance. The King and Queen were buried and lost, their legacy rolling on to those who came next. He wasn’t there when the curtain rose and didn’t recollect what the dragon looked like. He’d been there when the curtain fell, though he didn’t remember that last battle either. It was all ages ago. Those adventures were over and long gone.


But he never forgot the gaze of that wide eye, standing on the sidelines, closely watching. He never forgot how he watched it everyday, watched as the big dark eye captured all those it saw and immortalised them in their moments of glory. He never forgot how it had blinked at him, destined to remember him as the wicked wiry haired wizard forevermore.


Time ticked away the teens, twenties and thirties till all he was left with was wiry grey hair and faded memories of the world the eye saw, tucked away in a box at the back of his garage.


His search was futile.

He shut the yearbook with a sigh. He wasn’t going to find her in there.

She was always the one clicking the pictures. Made sense she never showed up in them.


6 thoughts on “Ghost of Cyclops Past

  1. Wonderful twist in the end of this one. What a shame that the one his heart yearns for is behind the camera, and he has no photos to remember her by. This is very poignant and enjoyable. Lovely story!


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